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StDrakeX / Dec 06, 2014
Greetings all! I think I'll be purging tonight since I'll actually have free time and spent the weekend talking to those that were kicked and want back in. When the countdown hits zero we will be going hard on recruiting again. We will also be shuffling the remaining members around where they plan to play when patch 1.3 hits and the challenge league begins. Those that are playing the new leagues will be moved to our secondary guild lead by Kaoms. Thank you
Pupi / Dec 02, 2014
Patch 1.3 will be heavily focuesed on the pvp aspect of Path of Exile and introduces not only daily PvP missions, but also different tournaments (Swizz,FFA,Blitz). Being very interested in PvP myself, I would therefore like to create an enviroment in the guild that supports this aspect of the game. Activieties can rechh from LLD build/theorycrafting to PvP training and shared group PvP dailyies. If you want to try out PvP in the new patch, please post your IGN in the appropriate forum post, so I can measure the interest in this topic.

Also be aware of the upcoming restructuring procces within the guild that will introduce a new ruleset inlucidng activity tracing on the website.

StDrakeX / Nov 24, 2014
Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. It's 2 weeks until our list consolidation, if you don't know what this is then check your Path of Exile Messages. I have pm'ed everyone that has not registered on this website and personally in addition to the officers have posted in game whenever I can the PSA so no one should have any excuses of not knowing. A lot of people have asked how creating an account on the website will track if people are being active, The answer is beside you name in the Roster it says the last time you logged on to the website. So if you haven't made at least the effort of logging onto the website you will be kicked for inactivity unless given an acceptable reason why....

There has been some exciting guild development. Since Umbra is originally a Standard Only Guild, it promotes a feeling that members are stuck in the same place and if they still want active 3-month guild they are forced to leave. Therefore Kaoms_Heart has created a second/sister guild also named Umbra Exiles. So if you guys wanna join in on 3-month leagues just pm over there for an invite and you are free to leave the current guild. This gives you the freedom for members to join whichever guild they are currently playing. We will still be able to contact each other with our Website forums and Teamspeak while playing different leagues.

Also Kaom's and myself have developed a new Ranking system for the guild to recognise those that contribute to the guild and are interested in helping us grow.
Hope you all are as excited in these changes and if you have any questions contact me. Thanks.
StDrakeX / Nov 15, 2014
Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well since my last news post. Umbra will be reaching 3-months old on December 9th, 2014 and that will be an important day for us. As you have already probably noticed, we've almost reached maxed capacity of 250 Total Members. This means to make sure we're a strong and active community on Standard, which I intend for us to be we will need to consolidate our Current Roster. All members will therefore be required to register on this website by the previously mentioned date or be kicked to make room for others that want to join us. This is the only way to effectively track inactivity in Path of Exile as the game does not have this function yet. All members that have not registered will be messaged on the forums/in game before any kicking is done. A countdown posted on the right hand side of the website will detail how many days until this will be occurring. This is an IMPORTANT change we're making to the guild. . All future new members will be required to make account there before they will be invited to the guild. The Officers and myself will be broadcasting this message, so please be aware. Thank you.
StDrakeX / Oct 24, 2014
Hey guys it's been a while since I've made an update to the website or even a news entry. I've been busy with stuff IRL so after that all cools down, after the 30th of October, I'll be stepping up a gear in terms with guild management. We hit 200+ Members today (HYPEEEEEEEEE) and so well done to all of our recruitment efforts. We still have 50 more slots for more members so if you guys have friends that might want to join, better be quick! Once we hit capacity the plan will be to integrate the website more with all our members as it will be the only way to track inactive members. Also I am looking for people to become Officers for the guild, so if you're interested let me know. The role itself will be redefined once we hit capacity as for now they are our recruiters. And again thanks for being apart of Umbra Exiles!
Pupi / Sep 21, 2014
Yesterday concluded our firest event and I want to thank everyone that showed up. Also a big thank you to Connorr, who was able to provide us with a temporary TS channel.

Tomorrow will be our Hideout Showcase Day, so in case you left your hideout barren, you still have some time to grind that sweet favour.

Darth_Candle created a thread for event suggestion. Feel free to post your event ideas there
Pupi / Sep 19, 2014
This is what we all have been waiting for: tomorrow will be our first event!
I spammed guild chat over the last couple of days, trying to get some attention to it and I hope many of you will show up. This is my first time setting up a guild event, so in case the event will suck (I hope it doesn't !) don't be to harsh with your criticism.

It is unfortunate that we will not have our voice channel up in time, but it should be fun nevertheless.

EU Officer
StDrakeX / Sep 16, 2014
We've hit 50 Members today, and it's only been a week or so that Umbra Exiles started up! Thanks for being a part of our guild and a big hand to the Officers that have been extremely helpful. However this is only the beginning! We're only at 20% capacity, so if you guys have other friends that might want to join us let me know :)

P.S. I'll be playing around when you usually see me but also logged on throughout the day sporadically. Will be able to play this weekend, so get ready to grind some rep so we can have a decked out Guild Hall!