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Change in actvity tracking

Pupi / Oct 06, 2015
As you all know, one of the core elements of umbra is the guild purge after every challange league, where we remove inactive members from our guild roster. Since Path of Exile itself does not provide us with any tools to track member activity, we have been using the login dates on our guild website as key indicator for activity. We were well aware that this method has several shortcomings, but at that time we did not have any other ways to ensure an active guild roster.

On the latest officer meeting, guild management decided to change our activity tracking procedure and use the login dates on the official forum instead. In order to not get tagged as inacitve and be removed during the next guild purge, you need to log into the official forum at at least once every month. Even though we are not using our own website for activity tracking anymore, it is still recommended to visit the gild website to keep in touch with news regarding the guild's management & structure.

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