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Guild Newsletter #8

StDrakeX / Aug 03, 2015
Greetings Exiles! Welcome to the 8th installment of the Umbra Exiles Guild Newsletters. Hope you all have been well and having lots of fun with the Awakening Expansion. As you may have noticed I have been somewhat absent recently over the past couple of weeks. I will need to adjust my schedule somewhat to accommodate more time for PoE, but fear not I have not forgotten about you guys. I will be taking on more of an Administrative Role for the Guild for now. If you guys have anything you need to bring to my attention please contact one of the officers or get in contact with me through this website or the official forums. And so that you guys are aware the Guild Purge is happening at the end of this month, and I will start flagging accounts next week.

The first thing I'd like to bring up is the issue of socializing. It has been brought to my attention that there has been issues with Guild Chat. I would say you guys should be more accommodating to new members and try to make them feel welcomed. But don't go full blown into trolling mode to them. I know that we have developed a culture of fun and trolling each other but this might be too overwhelming especially to new members. There has also been instances of people who have left previously due to feeling they were ignored or asked for guildies opinions on things and have been met with responses put too bluntly. I have no problems with this, as you should not dick around and always be honest because this policy ensures there's no spreading of misinformation. If they quit because of this reason then that's a shitty reason and they probably don't want to be here in the first place.

Another issue that has been brought to my attention is that there is a lack of camaraderie when it comes to mapping. Path of Exile is easily one of those games you can solo throughout and have no trouble doing so. This is up to the players prerogative but since we are a GUILD, then it is expected you to be social-able and one of the most best ways would be mapping together. I understand that sometimes people just want to solo content or clear alone and that's just fine. But if you feel like it's somewhat of a burden to be playing with your fellow guildies, even if its rarely, then that's just not right. If you feel like you do want to group up but your messages are not being noticed by others try jumping on our Teamspeak. There is always some people on there and even if you're not playing the game together it's a great place to socialize with others from the guild and get immediate help with price checking/questions and of course mapping!

Lastly I would like to talk about upcoming future events. As you guys may or may not know in September it will be exactly one year since Umbra Exiles was created. To commemorate this we will be holding an events a whole week leading up to the 9th of September. If you guys have submission ideas please let me know but I will be trying to gather different types of events/games we can hold to celebrate this significant milestone for the Guild.

This will be it from me for now and I hope to speak to you all again next month. Thank you for reading.


Thanks for the update Buddy. also glad we can always count on you to put out this monthly newsletter.
Agreed on more guildy map runs!
I approve this message. Moar ppl shud read this though
Since Joining I have found a lot of the members to be more than friendly and up for runs :)
Mapping groups should not be too hard to start up. You should be proactive and not wait for free maps to just appear in your stash. Organize yourselves. There's always plenty of ppl online. ok so not everyone uses the guild chat. Then go and pm people around your level individually. Make a map rotation group... In the end its all up to you.
MY map pool is small but i can carry people and i dont mind using my maps :) all will be 73-80 maps feel free to pm me in game or here to see if im available :)
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