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Guild Newsletter #7

StDrakeX / Jul 02, 2015
Greetings Exiles! This is the 7th installment of the Umbra Exiles Guild Newsletters. In the future I will try to be more punctual with these for those that actually read them. First of all I hope you all have seen the exciting announcements about the New Leagues that will be accompanying The Awakening Expansion! I hope you're all hyped and willing to consider attempting the Challenges with some of us on the 11th of July.

If you're reading this then Congratulations are in order! You have survived the Guild Purge which we have been doing previously, every 2 months to cull the in-actives on our website. The first time we did these purges we kicked over 180 members, but this time its been cut down to only 60! Until there is a better way to do this, then it's just the way our guild will have to operate. I will always give ample notice in the form of PSA's in game, sometimes mistaken as spam. And also sending a PM on the official Path of Exile Forums.

Now that we have kicked in-actives we need to rebuild our roster. I have invited all those that have been patiently waiting but there is still a lot more room for new members. If you have some friends that might be interested in joining, please contact me ASAP. In conjunction with this I will also be looking out for those that are interested in helping out Umbra Exiles grow, by becoming one of our Officers. If you're interested please get in contact with me also and I can go into detail what we currently need.

Recently you might have seen some Officer's inviting people for "Map Runs" in Standard. This is a method we're trialing to put to use some of the donated maps from our generous members. These maps are a way for the Guild to generate currency for the Guild Bank. I have previously done this to a greater extent but will continue doing this if there is positive feedback about these Runs.

Lastly I would like to let you guys know that we will be doing Guild Transfers for all those members that plan to actively play the Challenge Leagues on the 11th of July, when the Awakening Expansion goes live. If you are unaware. at Umbra Exiles we run 2 separate guilds under the same name. The parent guild will house Standard Only players and those that are mainly plan to play there. The Second guild which is lead by Kaoms will be our list of Challenge League players. At the end of the Leagues we have previously merged the guilds to keep the list full of active members and it is no hassle to be in one or the other, so please if you plan to play there contact me sooner rather than later.

This will be it from me for now and I hope to speak to you all again next month. Thank you for reading.


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