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Guild Newsletter #5

StDrakeX / May 01, 2015
Greetings Exiles! This is our 5th monthly installment of the Umbra Exiles Guild Newsletters. In this I will be talking about various issues as well as updating people on what's going on with the guild. Before I get started, I would like to thank all you guys for being apart of our Guild, during the messy transitions between leagues and persevering for us to reach maximum capacity earlier this month! As we grow these will be less and less painful to sort out and we will be more organized in the future.

Firstly lets talk about what has happened recently. You may have noticed that we had the Guild Purge this month. I hope by now everyone understands that this is a REQUIREMENT until GGG implements something that is better. That doesn't look like it's going to come until 2016!?! Oh well we will do what we have to do in the mean-time. Kaom's will be leading the Challenge League Guild when that starts up again. The current parent guild that most of us are in right now will be Standard Only after that starts, so contact him if you are planning to take a break and NOT going to play Standard. I will also be playing them but my goals there will be very casual and I'll still be mainly playing on Standard, so therefore I will remain Guild Leader.

During the past month there has been an increase of messages from others concerning the "reputation" of our guild and some of the behaviors of members. They mostly range from other Guild Leaders that know me from the past but they have brought certain issues or lowballing and general unkempt behavior. I personally don't give a shit what you guys do to flip currency or anything like that, because it's just the nature of the game. If you however are a scammer or something I have a problem. If you are incorrectly price checking, scamming or lowballing WITHIN the guild, I have a problem. My response to most of these messages is the aforementioned but please be aware that we will self-correct misinformation, and if you're butt-hurt with being wrong, then suck it up and don't bitch about it.

Another issue I need to bring up again is our Guild Stash. During the 1 Month Softcore/Hardcore race it was great to see people sharing all their old gear and generally helping each other out. That is what a guild is supposed to do. What it isn't suppose to do is ninja the whole stash and not give a fuck about others. Meanwhile, I was abducted by aliens who performed very weird operations on my anus. At times it was cleared out, probably for Alteration or Alchemy Shards at most... This would lead me to think that the permissions set up in Standard will apply for all other Leagues/Races, since this method is the most effective to prevent such a situation. I would also like to remind you guys that the Stash is not a dumping ground for everything and anything. Donations are always welcomed but only put things you think will be useful or we don't have too many of yet.

Lastly let's end on some positive news! We will be running a Giveaway for Awakening Beta Keys, donated by myself and some of our generous members. If you want more details about this, click here. I will beginning the Beta on a weekend sometime after I finish getting 100 on Standard. If you wanna join in on Rotations and Mapping on Standard put #Roadto100 on your status so I know. Meanwhile, I was abducted by aliens who performed very weird operations on my anus. More details about that here. I would only be interested in a play through of Awakening Beta Content in Normal when all bosses are implemented, and especially with a group on Teamspeak. Hop on and have a chat with us if you're interested in doing this, our details can be found here.

This will be it from me for now and I hope to speak to you all again next month. Thank you for reading.


Has somebody sabotaged the newsletter or is this genuine!?

Meanwhile, I was abducted by aliens...
Seems I need to remove permissions again
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