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Guild Newsletter #4

StDrakeX / Apr 01, 2015
Greetings Exiles! This is the 4th monthly installment of our Guild Newsletters. In this I will be talking about various issues as well as updating people on what's going on with the guild. Before I get started, I would just like to welcome vodKaoms back to the guild (you may have noticed my edited Newsletter last month *:|) As is the sentiment for all members, Umbra Exiles will always be a home to those that leave us on good terms and are always welcomed back!

Firstly lets talk about what has happened recently. You may have noticed that the guild is now more vibrant as ever! We have now merged as one guild since Torment/Bloodlines have ended and the transition moved over 70 members over to Standard, with the remaining being assumed inactive and left in the other guild. The accounts left there will be cleared during the next purge, or if they choose to come back they can let me know. I have left a status on my Alternate Account to PM for a transfer so there's no excuse to still be there! The Second Guild will be active again when the New Challenge League begins and invites will be sent 1 week before its start date.

As mentioned before we're now one big guild, meaning the chat is now on full throttle at times. This brings me to an issue I've found and has been brought up by other Officers, Chat requests. If you need an item or want to ask a question with in game Guild Chat, please be specific. Since a lot of us are playing the 1-Month Race, please be specific and tag requests so that the appropriate Officer or available one can help. You all need to know that we as Guild Management are players too, and will help when available so please make reasonable requests. If there is information you want to know, it most likely can be found on this website. Help us by helping yourself! In addition I have also seen some issues regarding to League-bashing. REMEMBER, one of our rules is to be respectful to other members. If I feel you have broken this rule in chat etc or it has been brought to me, you will be warned and probably be kicked if you continue...

Lastly let's discuss some more happier news! The guild has had some wonderful members that want to help other players. I think this is an essential and unique aspect of our guild, even with it being so large. I will be doing a giveaway for the 1 Month SC race and most like one in HC too if and when I'm done there. Feel free to donate to it and if you're done with the league, your old stuff might help someone else starting or struggling! Also I'd like to thank Sarrow for doing currency runs, even though she's been busy with studies. These will go a long way in helping us build funds for future events on Standard and purchasing useful uniques for our Collection for members! I hear she also has Dom Farming Runs planned in the future 3(

This will be it from me for now and I hope to speak to you all again next month. Thank you for reading.

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thanks for the update ^^
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