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Guild Newsletter #3

StDrakeX / Mar 01, 2015
Greetings Exiles! This is the 3rd installment of our Monthly Guild Newsletters. In this I will be talking about the many guild news, updates and issues pertaining to Umbra Exiles. First I would just to say that the guild has gone through many changes and reading this Newsletter is the best way to know what's going on. The guild will be moving towards my personal goal listed in the our Path of Exile Recruitment Thread.

With this in mind we will be moving towards activities and will be taking actions to ensure this vision is met. If you have any queries about what this means just take notice to what will happen this month in terms of events and such.

If you haven't noticed the guild has gotten much smaller than it was before. I have gone through with the Guild Purge and a substantial number of our Roster was inactive or never bothered to use this website. It was not an idle threat, that I would be kicking people. I have done this before and will always do it every 2 months. To remain active just sign into this website every 3 weeks or so to not be flagged. The members that were kicked were told repeated through PSA's and personal emails that I have sent out. If any member you know wants to rejoin tell them to contact me or an Officer. I will also be pushing recruitment as we will be in a rebuilding phase of the guild again.

You may also notice the change in Leadership in both guilds. It was regrettably that Kaoms had to step down as Leader of the Standard guild. This meant that I had to retake the leadership on Standard and I have put PigJuicer in charge of the Torment/Bloodlines guild. He may return one day but it is sad that he had to leave. He has contributed to all funds pertaining to Guild Member List and Stash Tabs for the Torment/Bloodlines guild and Led Standard whilst I was playing/growing on the Torment/Bloodlines guild. I think we need to give him a proper sendoff for all his efforts and please thank him when you have a chance. Building on the last point I will also need more Officers to help with recruitment in the next period of Umbra Exiles Guild Growth. PM Me if you're up to the challenge and responsibilities this will entail.

Edit: I am back. - Kaoms_Vodka

The Teamspeak Server as of this post, will be operational for 12 more days. We have seen many people use it with around 30ish different active people. I hope that more of you take the chance to use this tool for your Path of Exile experience or just to get to know your fellow Guild Members. It is great for cross-league communication and you can always find me on there. The Teamspeak however does cost money so it would be a waste to not see people use it more than its current level. I'm currently splitting the cost of it with Kaoms and he has offered to still help out funding it, but I hope you guys will help donate to the "Group Pay" Link to renew our Server. This is a temporary situation as I plan to build a home server at my place to run Teamspeak for us, free of charge. If you'd like to donate click the button on the bottom left corner of the website.

The last issue I want to bring up before we wrap up this Newsletter, is the topic of Scammers and generally scumbaggery. We have had multiple instances of this sort of stuff happening in the guild since day one. But to minimize it we try our best, such as locking stash from stealing attempts and kicking those people that are a bad fit for the guild. It seems we have a reputation as being tough traders etc, which I don't care about. But always be at least fair to your fellow guildie. YOU ARE NOT obligated to give discounts but pay it forward and maybe make a friend in the guild by doing so. Recently there has been reports of scammers that have been using Umbra's Reputation to scam people outside of the guild. There has also been a situation where someone has stole and left the guild whilst "trading and trying out" another guildies weapon. I take this shit seriously since it does defame our guild and ruins the name when it's literally only <1% that have done this in the guild. That is why I have created this thread to help us out and if you like to add anyone so we are wary of who we are trading, make a post below.

This will be it from me for now and I hope to speak to you all again next month. Thank you for reading.


Thnx for your effor , and thnx for keeping guild active .
I got an item from the stash that helps my build, but i didnt want it for free, and i gave a bow for it, although not enough at least i think for newcomers u can do that
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