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Guild Newsletter #2

StDrakeX / Feb 01, 2015
Greetings Exiles! This is the 2nd installment of our Monthly Guild Newsletters. In this I will be talking about many guild updates and issues presently at the forefront of Umbra Exiles. First I would like to update you guys with what's up with me personally before we move into anything Guild related. This was the first time I've played any of the challenge leagues since up until now I was #STANDARD4LIFE, and I was presently surprised how fun it is. I implore those that might want to experience another facet of the game, maybe try it next time when Act IV hits! I finished up with 8/8 and for sure made Top 50, so my goals are all done. My next goal will be reaching Level 100, so most likely that will be on Standard.

This brings me to my next update planned for Umbra Exiles. I will be continuing to push recruitment on the Torment Guild until I feel like it's in a good place. I will then be taking back the helm of the Standard Guild but this is most likely going to be at the end of February. I will only be doing this if I complete my goal of getting Torment Guild Capped at 250 Members Total, so if anyone knows of anyone that might want to join let me or any of the officers know. So Spread the news! We're always recruiting until there's no spaces left.

This leads into our next issue that has plagued the guild since Day 1 of Umbra Exiles, Inactivity. Last week I posted a thread name"Members Flagged for Vodka" and it was distressing to see the number of messages I needed to send out. Only 1/3 of members seem to be using the website as intended and the others don't do enough or nothing at all. I personally contacted every Member on this list and some were receptive and understanding, however others were not even aware that this was a requirement of the guild. You are required to log in at least once every 3 weeks or else you will be flagged to be kicked at next purge. There is a planned Guild Purge at the end of this month by the time the Guild Newsletter #3 comes out so there will be no excuses.

Finally, I would like to talk about some exciting news for the Guild! I have much more free time for guild management now that I have no in game goals other than recruitment this month. Therefore we will be running more scheduled, structured and planned Guild Events. Check out our Events Forum or just look at the Website Calender to find out more information about this. I am always up for people to suggest or host their own events to keep things interesting, in addition to playing this game :D

This will be it from me for now and I hope to speak to you all again next month. Thank you for reading.


Awesome man. You da real MVP drake

(pig is feg)
i would like to have a area where we make a new guy for fast leveing as a group as a guild one person gets there old guy and get all the portal for the others we rush each other so we can have a few guy to work with.just an idea. i would like this option so we as guild can make a few different builds or if we mess a build up we not have to regret the whole guy we could just say one of the guys with a full respec. im nitro1914 but you can find me in game as lightningArk in use now or newicephyinx ,,, redquillrain,,,.
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