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StDrakeX / Sep 25, 2016
Since the introduction of;

We will no longer need the website or any other tool to track inactivity. We still require members to be active to remain with Umbra Exiles. This means that you will need to login at least once a month to not be flagged and risk being kicked from the guild. Guild Purges i.e. Kicks will be done at the discretion of the Guild.

To join the guild please post an application in the form of a "Post Reply" on our Guild Recruitment Thread, using the following Template:

Are you willing to join our Discord Server?
Yes I have a Mic
Yes just for text chat/listening in

Which Gateway/Region do you play on?

Which League are you planning to play with Umbra Exiles?
Essence SC
Essence HC

On average, how many hours of Path of Exile do you play a week?
0 - 10 hours
11 - 20 hours
21 - 40 hours
41+ Hours!

How would you describe your experience level in Path of Exile
Totally new to the game
Fairly experienced
Complete Veteran Player

Have you ever completed the following goals in Path of Exile? (You may check multiple boxes)
Completed All Challenges in a Previous/Current Challenge League
Level to 100 on a Character
Push Ladder with a Group Competitively
Killed Uber Atziri
Race Competitively
PvP Competitively

In a few sentences, describe why you want to join the Umbra Exiles.
StDrakeX / Dec 24, 2015
Greetings All! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during these holidays. I hope that to the few who read the stuff that's posted on this website, that you will alert that we are cracking down on inactivity in the guild.

We require everyone to have an account on our website before an invite is sent in game. In addition we require members to log on to the OFFICIAL Path of Exile website as this is how we track inactivity. It is recommended that you at least log on to the OFFICIAL Path of Exile website every 2 weeks. Members will be flagged for inactivity if this is not done and will be kicked if Guild is full or at next round of List Purge (Every Month)

So please be aware and let everyone know, to those that are already abiding by this, thank you and I'll be addressing more Guild Related Matters in the coming New Year.

StDrakeX / Dec 08, 2015
Today I will begin closing down one of the guilds, the Standard one. We will become one guild again which will have both Standard & Challenge League Players. This decision has been made with a lot of due consideration and I hope will strengthen Umbra Exiles. I will be contacting everyone that is still listed in the guild and send them this message. I hope that this transition will be relatively pain-free and quick, before Talisman Leagues Begin. Thanks.

To further clarify, We will be all housed in this guild
Pupi / Oct 21, 2015
The guild purge scheduled for the 20th of October came to a conclusion. As a result 64 members of the challenge league division have been marked inactive and will be kicked from the guild. This number represents 1/3 of our roster. While our guild clearly shows signs of fluctuation, the vast majority consists of active players, which is something I am very pleased to see.
After this downsizing, we are once more able to enlarge our core of active members with new players.

The list of players that have been marked as inactive can be found here. If you have been mistakenly put on that list, please notify us about it in the indicated thread.

EU Officer
Pupi / Oct 11, 2015
The next guild purge is scheduled for October 20th and it will be based on our new activity rules. If you have not visited the official forum within the last four weeks, you will be marked as inactive and removed from the guild. While I dislike forcefully removing members from our guild, this is a necessary procedure to ensure an active roster and a prerequisite for being able to invite new players to our community.

Thank you for your understanding!

EU Officer
Pupi / Oct 06, 2015
As you all know, one of the core elements of umbra is the guild purge after every challange league, where we remove inactive members from our guild roster. Since Path of Exile itself does not provide us with any tools to track member activity, we have been using the login dates on our guild website as key indicator for activity. We were well aware that this method has several shortcomings, but at that time we did not have any other ways to ensure an active guild roster.

On the latest officer meeting, guild management decided to change our activity tracking procedure and use the login dates on the official forum instead. In order to not get tagged as inacitve and be removed during the next guild purge, you need to log into the official forum at at least once every month. Even though we are not using our own website for activity tracking anymore, it is still recommended to visit the gild website to keep in touch with news regarding the guild's management & structure.

EU Officer