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by StDrakeX on Dec 03, 2014 at 08:54 AM
Greetings All! This will be the collected post detailing everything and anything you need to know about the guild.

General About Us
Most of our basic information about the guild can be found on our Path of Exile Forum Thread. This following information post will be more detailed inner workings of our guild.

Guild Name & Background
I get this question a lot so I thought I'd like to address how I came up with the name. The former guild that I was leading that our Guild Recruitment Thread is actually based upon was called Astral Ascension (tagged as ASTRAL). I was transitioning the guild through big changes and was coming up with names and I used Astronomy terms as inspiration. The dictionary defines it as "the complete or perfect shadow of an opaque body, as a planet, where the direct light from the source of illumination is completely cut off." I also liked the fact it meant shadow or shade as well. I never used that name but chose another but when the guild fell apart, I chose to rebirth it again under the UMBRA tag. If you check our forum thread I describe us as not being too hardcore in terms of rules or anything being forced on our members. That is not what I want this guild to be like. My previous guild was and it took too much work to get it there and maintain that level of seriousness. Therefore the Umbra Exiles Name will always have the direction I feel is the best for the guild.

Guild Applications
The minimum that our guild will require from all future players to be considered to joining the guild would be the following:
Rules & Requirements
  • Be able to Speak English
  • Be easy going, fun & have a chilled personality
  • Be polite & respectful to other guild members
We require everyone to have an account on this website before an invite is sent in game. In addition we require members to log on to the PATH OF EXILE OFFICIAL website as this tracks inactivity. It is recommended that you at least log on to the website every 2 weeks.

Guild Capacity/MTX Points Donations
The maximum number of members a guild can have is 250 total members. Donations of points so far only go towards upgrading member capacity which is luckily already maxed for us. The other use would be for Guild Stash tabs which we already have a healthy amount. If there is any need in the future for points we hope that the guild will help out as best they can.

If you'd like to donate points click here for Challenge League Guild.

Guild Global & Trade Chat: #518
This is our the Official Umbra Exiles Global & Trade Chat Channel! You may ask why the number 518? I was at a loss at first what number represents us the most and I think 518 is a great number since our name derives itself in Path of Exile Lore as well as the reasons I listed above. So what's the most baller item in this game? Legacy Shavronne's Wrappings of course. So what's the maximum ES you can get on it? You guessed it, 518! Honestly it's just a number to uniquely represent us. More details for Global 518 can be found here and Trade 518 can be found here.

Guild Purge
We cleanse our guild list of inactives usually month or as needed. All members will be given notice if they have been deemed inactive before and decision will be made about kicking from the guild and prior notice in the form of a message sent through the Path of Exile website before any in game kick is performed by the guild.

Next Scheduled Purge is 31/01/2016

Guild Management
The Guilds Hierarchy can be found here.

Guild Events
Our Guilds Event Calender can be found here. Those that attend events and those that host events will be noted and greatly appreciated by the guild. Information about various events happening across the league, within the guild, etc. can be found here.

Guild VoIP/Communication:
Our Teamspeak information can be found here. It is encouraged that members use the teamspeak from time to time to be actively engaged with the guild and it has proven to be an invaluable tool for communication when playing the game together.

Guild Stash
The Guild Stash is to store all donated items from members that others might find useful for new people to the game or even those in need of leveling uniques/rares. All the tabs are labelled accordingly and it is appreciated that you donate into the corresponding labels. All tabs are locked (except Flasks & Gem Tabs) to Officer-Level Removal only so if you need something you only need to ask. A more detailed write-up can be found here.